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>> Global Defense Network wins top prize for Innovation in Audio at the Independent Games Festival of 2005.

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Global Defense Network

"The GDN is a combination of fast paced shooter and rhythm action game with an intriguing sci-fi plot spread evenly throughout."

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The Global Defense Network has released its proprietary training simulator to the public. Charged with defense against aggressive extra terrestrial activity, the GDN has begun to seek out gifted individuals to assist in its efforts. To that end, the formerly classified simulator used to train GDN Agents has been released to the public.

The GDN training simulator measures a variety of ability scores, ranging from general aptitude to aggression level. The GDN administration staff has already begun an international recruitment effort and if you meet their rigid standards, you will be contacted directly. Get the game, test your skills, and see if you are good enough to be a GDN Agent.

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Finalist in the 7th Annual Independent Games Festival 2005.
Awarded second place for Indie Action Game of the Year (2004) at GameTunnel.

Independent Reviews:
  - Game Tunnel: "...Global Defense Network is not only fun to play but also blurs the line between game and interactive art." "If you are a fan of shooting gallery action then this is definitely your game."
  - Bytten: "Everything is smooth, fast paced and excellent. The sound likewise is near perfect..." "GDN is an unusual game; highly professional and stylish."

Game Features:
  - Original and Fun game play combining the action of a shooter with the heart of a rhythm game.
  - Features nearly one and a half hours of music from some of the best MOD composers on the web.
  - Two games in one: Hone your skills in the simulator and push them to their limits in the War Room.
  - Realistic physics and colorful 3D graphics.
  - Five upgradeable weapons and five unique attachments (22 combinations).
  - Over fifty unique, custom built levels and over seventy different interactive object types.
  - Easy to learn, difficult to master, and playable by most ages.

Lighting Gun The lightning gun offers a good balance between mobility, accuracy, and raw fire power. The interior features a quick charging core powered by dual Elite energy cells. The new Elite-LX design has a built in auto-target mechanism when fully charged.
Steel Ball Gun The steel ball gun features a solid steel barrel and a state of the art electro-magnetic propulsion system.
Rotary Machine Gun This five barrel, rotating machine gun offers high speed and high power in an attractive outer casing. The Elite EM-Load mechanism comes standard and is virtually incapable of jamming. This model uses a Vesto-RZ coolant system that is fully upgradeable.
Dual Cradle Missile Launcher This missile launcher sports a simple and sleek design. It features dual auto-targeting missiles as well as an upgradeable quick-load capability. The Elite Quick-Vision missiles are compatible with the base's built in Pre-Target mini computer and also support Free-Target for post launch targeting.
Shell-Shot Cannon The Shell-Shot Cannon's explosive payload allows you to be effective in almost all situations. Each shell is designed to Elite Design's rigid standard and features Elite's patented target recognition system.

Weapon Attachments:
Laser Scope This little device fits most form factors and is sure to improve your aim.
Overhead Bullet Spray Sporting the Elite HyperShot-AX engine, this item should not be missed.
Auto-Aim Laser Built with Sure-Shot tech, this item will pull you out of almost any jam.
Smart Bomb Capable of dispatching up to six targets, it is a great value at any price.
Energy Pulse The most powerful attachment available, this item can not be passed up.

System Requirements:
  - Windows XP, 2k, 98.
  - DirectX 8.1 (or greater). Get the latest version here.
  - 700 MHz CPU minimum (1GHz recommended)
  - Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card with 16 Megs of Video Memory (TNT class).
  - 20 MB Hard Drive space.

Free GDN Tunnel Screen Saver:
  - Download it here.
  - View Screenshot.

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